How to Model Your Recruitment Marketing after Customer Marketing

Recruitment marketing is a lot like customer marketing - in fact it's almost identical. So I've created this handy visual to show you what the recruitment marketing funnel looks like, and laid out a bevvy of suggested tactics you can use as demand, awareness and decision drivers for your employer brand. Watch out pipeline, here you come.

Social Media is like Dating for Marriage

Bear with me on this one...I floated the analogy with a group of marketers at NVIDIA and they laughed, but also loved it. It helps show the difference between traditional and social media marketing. And, also helps create a litmus test for whether or not a specific action/campaign/activity would work well in a social media... Continue Reading →

Woot’s CEO makes me come out of hiding

Well, as you probably haven't noticed, I have not blogged in approximately one eon. That's a long time. Seriously. You should know that I've thought about TONS of blog ideas. They were all fantastic and you wouldn't have LOVED to read them. Unfortunately, I didn't actually put the proverbial pen to paper and publish any... Continue Reading →

What is Social Media?

Seems like the answer to this should be pretty simple, considering the fact that you can't turn a corner without a marketer throwing the term social media at you. But, alas, it is not. First, let's say what Social Media is *not*: Blogs Twitter Facebook YouTube "But, Shanee, those are exactly what Social Media is,... Continue Reading →

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