Dancing with the Stars

I only caught the tail end but I'd like to share some observations: Updated: - Steve Wozniak, who knew! That guy is going all out and I can appreciate that. He's also been really great about handling the (what I would call overly harsh) commentary. No need for name calling (teletubby) Cue the cheesy Apple... Continue Reading →

American Idol Live and In Color_ep.03

Okay,here we go...got my sassy set to high and I'm watching American idol with roomy. I'm probably a little raw after last nights Bachelor finale which just oozed fakeness--if producers didn't pay for that ending then that guy really is the biggest jerk on the face of the planet. On to the show....I'll be recapping... Continue Reading →

American Idol, Live and In Color_ep.01

In the interest of time, I'm gonna give the recap as I watch the performances... UPDATE: dude, Idol...Fix your audio issues during the interviews. I know it's TAT but don't let that affect the quality of showmanship. UPDATE 2: Video issues? Is this your first season? Someone's getting fired. Jackie Tone Get.over.yourself.  it's like the... Continue Reading →

American Idol Goes Gladiator On Our Arses

Ryan Seacrest to Idol Producers: "Hey guys, I'm thinking this formula for selecting the season's participants is getting a little boring. Played out, if you will. We need some more pizzaz on the final selection." Producers: "Whaddya mean?" Seacrest: "Well, it's just gotten so Hallmark. Where are the tears? The emotion? The true sense of... Continue Reading →

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