Here’s what United should have done

Ok, that's an overstatement. Here are some things they could have done differently, to avoid the nightmare that is their current brand situation. Honestly, I didn't even want to comment on this, but it's just so bad that I can't fight my own instincts. But, I'll keep it brief for all of our sake. Say... Continue Reading →

Woot’s CEO makes me come out of hiding

Well, as you probably haven't noticed, I have not blogged in approximately one eon. That's a long time. Seriously. You should know that I've thought about TONS of blog ideas. They were all fantastic and you wouldn't have LOVED to read them. Unfortunately, I didn't actually put the proverbial pen to paper and publish any... Continue Reading →

Times Get Tougher

In a really short time period, things have gone from bad to worse. TAT is in full effect. Unless you live under a rock, or have some kind of aversion to reading/watching/hearing the news, then you know that there have been over 130,000 layoffs in the past 2 days. 130k!!! According to International Herald Tribune:... Continue Reading →

Twitter Reports on US Airways Flight 1549

Did you hear about today’s emergency US Airways flight landing in the Hudson River on Twitter? Us too. In what seemed like the world’s fastest news cycle, Twitter was undeniably the breaking source for all updates—and if it wasn’t breaking news, it was definitely where the news was disseminated. As soon as the crash happened... Continue Reading →

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