From brand to performance marketing, making the transition

Hey friends, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Lots of reasons behind that, but the biggest is that I changed jobs back in December and I’ve been a busy bee trying to get my feet under me. In my prior role, I ran the content marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing teams. In my new role, I lead the customer engagement and SMB demand generation teams. That’s right, I left the brand marketing game and am now deep into digital marketing.

You might be asking, “so what the heck are you responsible for, Shanee?” Well, customer engagement is about talking to users and helping them get more value out of our product–we use email, in product messaging, and mobile notifications to reach users and get them into the product (you might know this as lifecycle marketing). And SMB demand gen is about finding the users who are best suited to upgrade to our business offering, and reaching out to them to nurture them before they talk to our sales team.

It’s been a fantastic transition, getting to reconnect with my more analytical side. Honestly it’s a liberating experience to be able to make decisions that are objective–i.e. this approach yields better results than that approach–rather than subjective–i.e. this word sounds better than that. It can be exhausting driving consensus around plans that aren’t black and white. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s difficult to argue with feelings. Whereas, with performance marketing, you make decisions based on data and results. It speaks to my logical side.

Hopefully I’ll be back here with more updates on lifecycle/CRM marketing, and demand gen. Otherwise, you’ll hear my general leadership/female empowerment/TV ramblings. Hope you like them!

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