How to Model Your Recruitment Marketing after Customer Marketing

Recruitment marketing is a lot like customer marketing – in fact it’s almost identical. So I’ve created this handy visual to show you what the recruitment marketing funnel looks like, and laid out a bevvy of suggested tactics you can use as  demand, awareness and decision drivers for your employer brand. Watch out pipeline, here you come.

Shanee BenZur Recruitment Marketing Funnel
Recruitment Marketing Funnel

Now that you have the visual…let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

How do you drive awareness, interest and action?

Awareness (discovery):

  • PR & awards
    • Apply (and win!) employer awards like the Best Places to Work lists, get your business included in industry stories about cool offices, great employee culture, etc
    • KPIs: Placement on lists, inclusion in industry HR stories
  • Social media
    • Share great content! And, lots of it across your own branded channels and via your recruiters
    • Drive people to lead capture forms and careers pages via your status updates
    • KPIs: New fans/followers, clicks, comments, shares, leads
  • SEO
    • Own top Google search results for employer brand and job category specific keywords
    • KPIs: Referral traffic, placement on search engine result pages
  • SEM
    • Drive paid traffic to careers & teams pages
    • KPI: Referral traffic
  • Advertising
    • Banner and display ads on job/employer profile sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn
    • Run sponsored job ads on job boards to drive traffic to specific openings
    • Use promoted Status updates on social networks to raise awareness for news and culture content
    • KPIs: Referral traffic, clicks, applies, follows, shares, comments, leads

Interest & Desire (research)

  • Company profiles on 3rd party sites
    • Make sure your company profiles on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn has most current messaging and a call to action to apply
    • KPI: Pageviews
  • Social Media
    • Monitor for mentions of your brand and careers, engage users, retweet employees who are telling cool stories about working for your brand (paints a picture for candidates)
    • Publish job function content to expand on what it’s like to work in a specific function at your company (IE Engineering or sales)
    • KPIs: @mentions, clicks, comments, shares
  • Careers website
    • Make sure your careers site is an accurate reflection of your company and the culture, make it easy to search jobs
    • Make additional information like benefits and special interest groups, available
    • Improve your job board experience, optimize for search and mobile, ensure job descriptions are SEO optimized
    • KPIs: Pageviews, time on site, job board visitors, # job searches

Action (Decision)

  • Recruiter enablement
    • One-pagers and talk tracks about your company, products and teams
    • Marketing automation tools for recruiters to use with candidates on their journey to application and hire
    • Email toolkits with style guides and proof points by job function
    • Marketing toolkits with tips and tricks on how recruiters can leverage their personal networks, and activate hiring teams as job marketers
    • Regular updates to recruiters on major employer awards, company news, and interesting content they can be sharing with candidates (can be weekly email, or posted to internal social networks)
    • KPIs: response rates, recruiter leads from social
  • Events Marketing (recruiting and industry events which potential candidates attend)
    • Create effective communication cascades
    • Use all marketing channel to drive attendance
    • KPIs: #attendees driven, email open rates

Let me know what you think about the funnel and tactics, and drop any additional suggestions in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. It is too complicated for me.
    I understood some ideas but most of this well structured article is beyond my knowledge.

  2. Nice thinking there – something we believe ourselves. We’re sharing content you might find interesting at Would love to have you contributing to discussions and thoughts on our posts.

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