Location Based Marketing: Death or Evolution?

Just read an article on Social Media Today  about the slow death of location based social media marketing. While I’m not sure if it’s headed for extinction, I do think there’s evolution.

The usual life cycle of hot technologies and marketing approaches is:

  1. New cutting edge idea
  2. One or two experts corner the market
  3. A big guy comes in, buys niche expert or recreates tech on their own

Looks like the same has happened for location based marketing. Why do I need to use FourSquare when I can check in with Facebook or Yelp? Facebook and Yelp both have core offerings that are more useful to me than location based services alone.

I think there’s definitely value for physical stores and even pop-up events to use location based marketing that capitalizes on groups of people being in the same place at the same time, or even at different times. So I don’t foresee the approach dying out, it’ll just evolve and integrate into the other tools already in marketers’ arsenals.

What do you think?

Is location based marketing dying?
Is location based marketing dying?

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