NVIDIA Video Case Study: How We Created a Popular Online Video with Zero Ad Dollars

The folks at the Social Media Business Council (of which NVIDIA is a member) who help produce the BlogWell social media conferences, invited me to give a talk about an NVIDIA online video success.  I know… I’m just as surprised as you are that they let me get in front of a microphone. What can I say, these guys are risk takers in a good way!

You can watch video of my presentation about the NVIDIA Glowball Video (which garnered about 900k views), below. And, read Andy Sernovitz’ blog post about it, here.

My main points were that while you can’t promise your teams a viral video (nor should they be asking you for viral videos), because that’s like trying to force lightning to strike, you can take some basic steps to help set yourself up for success.  Watch the video to learn how we learned some best practices for online video after launching two similar videos with very different results.

NVIDIA: “The Global Snowball” Video Exceeds Expectations, presented by Shanee Ben-Zur from SocialMedia.org on Vimeo.

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