Benioff’s Dreamforce Keynote: Social! Social! Social!

Watching the Marc Benioff keynote felt like watching a passionate campaign speech. He was preechin’ the value of social for enterprise, and he was preechin’ it loud. AMEN

You can watch the full keynote below, but I was even more interested in this article by Read/Write Web’s Scot M. Fulton III: Analysis: Are We Ready to Become Friends With Things?

It’s a great article that explores the potential ways we can develop online relationships with physical world things. Some really cool, some potentially frightening. And, ultimately asks the question of whether trying to take advantage of all this social connectivity will ultimately backfire as consumers get oversaturated with enterprise involvement.

“…at what point will this leveraging of social media for the purposes of data mining and customer engagement drive back the social media revolution, and force millions upon millions of new users to dial down the volume? Knowing that they could trigger a tidal wave at any moment, will people be more careful about what they share, or will they simply share less? And if they do, will all the pop dispensers and cash registers and Wi-Fi routers and automobiles of the world, notice or care? Or will they just talk amongst themselves?”

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