How TV Helped Raise Twitter Awareness at NVIDIA

So, part of my job is educating NVIDIAns on social media. Everything from how to post an update to Twitter, to how to best message new products for a specific vertical community on Facebook. Recently, I’ve been focusing on raising awareness for discussion about NVIDIA within social media, and educating employees on how to track these conversations.

As marketers we know, more or less what we’re saying about ourselves, but we’re less attuned to what others are saying about us.  With social media, however, it’s more and more important to monitor what kind of feedback we’re getting in order to better tailor our social media endeavors. It’s also like unsolicited focus group feedback. Why wouldn’t you want to hear what people are saying?

The challenge is then, how to gather all that monitoring data and make useful conclusions.  I’ll get to this in a later blog post (or ten), because it’s really a deep discussion.

What I really wanted to highlight was a simple tactic that has had suprisingly positive results at NVIDIA, and might work at your company too.

To raise awareness for Twitter and conversations about NVIDIA on Twitter, I set up a huge big screen TV in a high traffic location (cough:: near the bathrom:: cough), connected it to a laptop, and fired up TweetDeck.  I set up different relevant searches within Tweetdeck’s columns, and let the good times roll.  I can’t tell you how much attention it has garnered. I have people asking questions, surprised at the volume and types of conversations there are about us on Twitter. In fact, I’ve heard rumblings of groups wanted to replicate the Twitter TV model in their buildings.  Execs have asked me to set up similar rigs in their workspaces so they can keep an eye on things…

It’s been a great low cost (used recycled hardware) way to educate and raise awareness. It’s like my own personal Discovery Museum exhibit. Check it out:


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