65% of US Adults Use Social Media

The WSJ published an article today about Pew’s latest SM report.  It’s nice to put some numbers behind the gut feeling that, hey, social is still growing!

Key highlights:

  • 65% of all U.S. adults now use social-networking sites, up from 61% a year ago and just 5% in 2005
  • Most growth occurred in the over 30 age range (and primarily seniors, within that group)
  • People 18 and 29 years old remain the overall biggest group tapping social networks today, accounting for 83% of the total
  • On a typical day, 43% of U.S. adults said they visit sites like Facebook and Twitter, up from 38% a year ago

Now we just need the more brand-centric information to tell us how much of the time they’re online is spent looking at company information/pages/profiles.

More info, here.

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