Top 3 Things I Want to Do in 2011

I won’t use the dreaded R-word (*cough*resolution*cough), because those are usually destined for failure. And they usually have to do with eating less – who wants to do that!?

Instead, this year, I’ll list the top 3 things I’d like to focus on professionally. I thought that maybe by publishing these goals here, it’ll keep me honest. And, maybe, just maybe, some of my dear readers will help me get closer to accomplishing them:

1) Speak more: I’d like to get on the speaker circuit. I think it’s time. I have a diverse background from PR to Social Media, from agency to in-house, startup to Fortune 500. I think it’s time to start sharing some learnings, or at least hopping on a panel and getting into some brain tussles with my fellow SM strategists.

2) Write more. Well, ain’t this a broken record. Yes, for the thirtieth time I’d like to blog more. Stay tuned for metrics on that…

3)Stretch more. Last year I focused on building the infrastructure that NVIDIA needed in order to enable a sustainable social media program. This year, I want to stretch beyond the basics, and plug in the big-bang initiatives that help spur engagement and growth.

So that’s it. My non-resolutions. Any guidance, suggestions is appreciated. And, feel free to share your own goals below.

PS. I was inspired by this TED Talk from Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook. “Why we have too few women leaders” – watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

One thought on “Top 3 Things I Want to Do in 2011

  1. I need to share the name of the book I’m (trying) to read about the marketing of the Grateful Dead. It’s about social media even during a time when FB wasn’t around (or the founders for that matter).

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