Pinch Me, So I know It’s Real

Well, one week in and I’m still alive. Lots to do, and even more to learn. I’m trying to find my footing in this huge company (I am coming from a company of about 50 to a company of 5,400). Everyone warned about the transition, and they were right. It’s amazing to see how efficient a huge company is, out of necessity. It’s also scary to think about being a small fish in such a big pond. But, those of you who know me know I live for a challenge.

This morning I walked out of a meeting thinking, “wow, I can’t believe I was just in a room with so many smart people…and having them listen to me.” It’s surreal, like, how did I get so lucky? How did I get to this place where I get to talk about something that actually interests me (no, I’m not talking about trashy television) as my job. Now I have to figure out how to best convey all the knowledge that’s in my head, to all the said smart-people.

In terms of logistics, I’m sitting in a sweet cube, which is more like a mini office. I don’t have any pictures up….I’m not much of a decorator. But I do have a half eaten apple that’s helping me get through the mid-morning hunger.

Another small, yet nonetheless pleasing perk of working at NVIDIA now is having a cafeteria. I know that even if I forget my lunch I won’t have the desperate hungry feeling…you know the one that makes you look in the shared refridgerator and say “who would be the least mad at me for eating their food?”

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