My New Adventure: From Voce to NVIDIA

Well I’ve been radio silent for a while, and you may (or may not) have been wondering, “Hey, what’s up? Where’s Shanee? Where are the comics?” Worry not, I’m fine — having a lot of exciting new things happening in my life including taking on a brand-spanking-new opportunity at NVIDIA, where I’ll be serving as the company’s Social Media Manager. Today’s my first day, so wish me luck 🙂

Leaving Voce was an extremely difficult decision because it’s an amazing place to work and grow. I’m going to miss my clients, colleagues and managers like crazy but, like a little birdy, it was time for me to fly the nest. It’s really been an honor getting to collaborate with and learn from the smartest folks in social media at Voce (yes, I’m biased) including Mike Manuel, Josh Hallett and Ryan Lack. These are guys who really get it – they don’t just talk or hypothesize like many of the other self-proclaimed “social media gurus,” they actually create and execute successful social media programs for their clients: major brands from PlayStation to eBay to Logitech to Yahoo!. So what I’m trying to say in way too many words is, if you have a chance to work with these guys in any capacity, don’t hesitate!

I’ll continue to write/illustrate here on the blog about my own personal thoughts, as well as on my Twitter profile — I’ll update you all when I have a more NVIDIA focused profiles you can follow as well.

For now, thanks for all your support and, again, wish me luck!


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