coTweet Is My New Fav Twitter Service

If you’re managing Twitter accounts for clients, you must must MUST check it out. Some of my colleagues have already been using the service (in private beta) but I just signed up with the new open beta.

Seriously, it’s what I’ve needed for quite some time. Favorite features so far include:
– Ability to assign tweets
– Ability to track and archive tweets for future reference
– Ability to integrate your existing bitly account for tracking and creation of links
– Ability to manage multiple corporate accounts
– Email notification options
– Ability to ‘clock-in’ and show who is monitoring Twitter at that time (think IM buttons glowing green when you’re ‘ON’)

For more info check out the TechCrunch post here, and give coTweet a try yourself. Who knows how much longer it’ll be free.

3 thoughts on “coTweet Is My New Fav Twitter Service

  1. Have you seen PeopleBrowsr? Another emerging app that we think is even more full featured than CoTweet. Also, the browser based option allows you to “share” a mirror instance. This is helpful because I have a full time social media specialist who is 100% focused on helping me leverage my social media presence. And as a CEO of a internet software company, I’m very keen about how I can leverage my time and impact via social media.

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