Twitter – Too Much of a Good Thing?

I love Twitter, don’t get me wrong. And, I obviously see/know the value of Twitter.

I’m just feeling a little…over-saturated with it. You know, like when you eat the first oreo, it’s amazing. But ten or fifteen cookies in, you start to get that weird frosting film in your mouth and they just stop tasting good.

It’s probably safe to call Twitter overdosing an occupational hazard, when you work in social media.

I mean, I find myself thinking in 140 character spurts. And, if something cool happens I just *have* to tweet it. I feel like I could be missing a major world event when Twitter is down. And, I, admittedly, get sad when I’m not getting regular @replies or DM’s.

I wonder if I need to check myself in to some kind of Twitter-Rehab facility?

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