Breaking My American Idol Silence – Allen, Gokey, Lambert

Several weeks ago, I went on strike from blogging about American Idol–no longer. I must speak out.

First, let me say that I want Kris to win for a few simple reasons:

  • He’s what I’m looking for in an idol. Average Joe gets his big shot on the big stage.
  • He seems sincere and sweet. Whether or not he gets an inflated ego later, I don’t care. But, for now, he’s a total peach.
  • He has a cool swagger style, and I’d actually want to go see him in concert/buy his CD. He’s not just a sideshow act from the circus.

That being said, I really wonder if he watches Taking The Stage on MTV. Originally, I thought I was the only one watching that show–because I still hope to one day wake up a prodigy in some creative art–but, his song choice is suspiciously close to Mia Corruther’s.

Now, onto Adam.

Oh, Adam, Adam, Adam. What a tumultuous relationship we’ve had. I wish I could say things are different but you know what…it’s not me, it’s you. I get it, you can scream-sing. What else can you do? Your ego fills the stage, which makes me think that Hollywood isn’t for you. You’re more of a Vegas-Celine-Cher-esque singer. So get that big stage-show together, and get off American Idol already.

Gokey *sigh*. This is one relationship that’s really gone 180 for the worst. I loved this guy (and his glasses frames) the first few weeks. But after the whole “aw shucks” schtick got old, my love faded and I began to see him as a future elevator singer. Now, let’s talk about his performance tonight:
PAULA THREW HIM UNDER THE BUS! What was that song? I mean, of course he jumped around and danced desperately, what else could the guy do. Kris gets the number one most overplayed song on the radio, and he gets a song that most of the girls in the American Idol audience have never even heard of.

2 thoughts on “Breaking My American Idol Silence – Allen, Gokey, Lambert

  1. You’re right about that sad, sad choice of song for Gokey by Paula. I am not a Gokey-music fan but I am sorry for Danny, he should have been given a better song. The song was boring, repetitive and had no melody.

    Kris’ song ‘Apologize’ wasn’t a brilliant choice for him either though, it was a bit out of his range. I still really loved what he did with it at the piano.

    Adam got the best judges’ choice song, U2’s One. But then Simon went and ruined his song choice by rearranging the song terribly. Lambert should have really stripped the song down and made it heartfelt (like Tracks of my Tears). The lyrics of the song & it’s tune would have made it another great performance like Mad World/Tracks/If I Can’t Have You. Instead I felt annoyed and emotionally disconnected from Adam and the lyrics. I actually really, really like the lyrics. Perhaps the studio version will be better. Adam is my favorite along with Kris, but the last 2 weeks I haven’t liked Adam’s performances AT ALL. I love all of his slow songs, and Feeling Good, and I loved Adam’s Black or White. Funky Music was also good. I don’t know what is going on these past few weeks. I prefer Adam’s slower songs, but if I liked Black or White then why haven’t I liked his “fast” performances either this week or last week? Instruments overpowering his voice? Not enough funky rhythm/beat? Tune not memorable enough? Too much electric sound in there? I’m not sure. And note to the cameras: I like to see Adam’s FACE lots. And I also like to see Kris’ FACE lots (not longshots of his back like they were fond of doing in ‘Apologize’).

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