Adam Lambert Makes Me Want to Break Things (American Idol)

Please, America, do me a favor and vote for someone else for this week’s American Idol. He’s a one trick pony who knows how to scream in a high octave. I wish I had the 2 minutes back in my life, from his performance.

Agreed with Simon: “A little bit like watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show”

You know what, No. I love Rocky Horror. This was just plain horrible.

That is all…

3 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Makes Me Want to Break Things (American Idol)

  1. Hmmm…one trick pony? You’re talking about Danny Gokey right? Same ballad, same tone, same basic song for the past four weeks. But wait, I’m wrong, this time he sang WITHOUT his glasses!

    Adam Lambert is the real deal. He takes chances. His voice is amazing. And he seems like a humble guy. The only thing he doesn’t have is a dead wife to pimp out in every vocal number. Or as was the case with Simon last night, get the judges to pimp his sorrow for him.

    1. @freidag I think we can agree to disagree on this one. While my initial infatuation with Gokey has definitely simmered, I still don’t think he’s as annoying as Adam Lambert. But hey, that’s just me.
      PS. I *definitely* wouldn’t characterize Lambert as humble. Again, that’s just me.

  2. Welcome to the UK Shanee! Pork scratchings aren’t quite as bad as jellied eel or tripe. Although I don’t know if either have made an appearance this side of the 1900s. šŸ™‚

    See you later.

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