Dancing With The Stars – Simple Observations

I swear I’ll get back to the in-depth overviews of our favorite shows, soon, but for now I can only give you my high level impressions.

And, I think we all know with what impression I’ve walked away from Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars episode.

It revolves around Gilles’ chest – the clear star of this week’s show. According to his 29 score, he danced, but mainly what I saw was a lot of posturing and flexing. The crowd (read: women) gave him a standing ovation and one of the judges gave him, what looked like a standing gyration (read: awkward).

Key takeaways to win at Dancing with The Stars:
– Self tan. A LOT.
– Don’t wear a shirt (if you’re a barrel chested man)
– Choose a partner who makes you look GREAT

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