I’m Not Dead Yet…It’s Just a Flesh Wound

Name that movie and you get a gold star. I’ll give you a hint: English accents.

Now, I’ve been a little radio silent for a couple of weeks, but do not fret my meager fan-base, I’m not dead yet. Just a busy bee.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog though–no, no, no.

Tomorrow is Passover at Beth Ben-Zur and I’m assuming there will be some colorful stories if not pictures.

I love passover for a few reasons:

1) It revolves around one of the most well known biblical stories…which leads into the fact that I *LOVE* the Ten Commandments movie. Charlton Heston’s best work, hands down.
2) It’s a great time for family to get together. Whether we have the seder at my parents’ or at friends’, it’s always a lively gathering. It’s the only holiday that prescribes drinking a certain number of glass of wine (Hopefully you’re not only going with Maneschevitz).
3) It’s about the only time I read hebrew these days. I really need to get some pop-novels in hebrew (recommendations are welcome) because I’m only reading at Passover. Obviously, I keep speaking the language thanks to my family–but I’m really losing the my reading skills which is a disappointment.

So, stay tuned dear reader, there will be content to consume soon enough.

Thanks for hanging in there 🙂

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