Dancing with the Stars

I only caught the tail end but I’d like to share some observations:


Steve Wozniak, who knew! That guy is going all out and I can appreciate that. He’s also been really great about handling the (what I would call overly harsh) commentary. No need for name calling (teletubby) Cue the cheesy Apple jokes.

Jewel’s husband is dancing with the cutest So You Think You Can Dance finalist evar. I love Chelsea Hightower. I think Jewel is watching here like a hawk though *points to eyes, points at Chelsea*

jewel's watching you on DWTS

Gilles is best known for his nude scenes with Samantha in Sex In The City (the movie). I don’t have much else to say on that, but if you were like me, asking “Who is that dude? I thought this was dancing with the stars?” now, ya know.

Sean Johnson has a crush on her pro dance partner. Oh, and she’s as sweet as candy. How can you NOT love an olympic gold medalist???

– Kari-Ann said that Holly was off balance during her dance. Listen lady, you’d be off balance if you were her too. *get it, get it*???

Now I must get back to work…stop distracting me!!!

4 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars

  1. Dude Woz really OWNS the dancing, and he’s so positive. I love it. I hope he makes it thru to next week 🙂

  2. Good points on all counts. I was wondering who that Gilles dude was! Also, that photo of Shawn Johnson makes me think of that episode of Friends where Ross “OTd” (overtanned). Blech.

  3. Gilles appears to be the one to beat. Shawn Johnson could emerge over time. Woz was refreshing, but may not last long. Julianne & Beau may be a bit unfair.

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