American Idol Live and In Color_ep.03

Okay,here we go…got my sassy set to high and I’m watching American idol with roomy. I’m probably a little raw after last nights Bachelor finale which just oozed fakeness–if producers didn’t pay for that ending then that guy really is the biggest jerk on the face of the planet.

On to the show….I’ll be recapping in reverse chronological order.

Lil Rounds
Good song. Sassy dress. Rocky vocal start. Building to a strong middle–getting some goosebumps. Have I mentioned how good she looks in that dress? NICE finish (even had a plug for herself 😉

Simon raised his eyebrows for her and then gave her a “brilliant. My favorite performance.” I’m not exactly sure what Randy said, but he definitely liked her. Kara likes her. Surprise! Paula likes her too and sends in the pun-zinger, “I feel like we’re gonna see you for many more Lil Rounds.” Shazam, Paula.

Roomy: Also my favorite!

And mine!

Lil does Mary J on American Idol

Jorge Nuñez
Yup, he’s got pipes, no one will deny him that. He’s fun too. And the fact that he worked so hard with the dialect coach, impresses me. Simon’s right, he should keep the accent–it’s HIM.

Kendall Beard
*SO* pretty. I hope that she makes it through so that her dad can do his alligator dance. I like her and this song, and her corsage-belt.

Roomy: *clapping* I think she was the best of the night.

Scott McIntyre
I’m a sucker for pianists. I always wished I would wake up with prodigy-like skills. In part to please my mom, in part because I hated practicing. Unfortunately I think this song is a little too adult contemporary, Mix 106.5, play it in the elevator. He’s def better than others who went before him tonight, but I don’t think the song screams AMERICAN IDOL. He does remind me of Josh Groban…I like him too.

Roomy: He was nervous obviously, but I think he was the best of the night.

Josh Groban Meet Scott (American Idol Hopeful)
Felicia Barton
Underdog story – they rejected her, then called her back. Ahhh, you want to sing “No One”…NO. Woah, twinsies with Alicia Keys- she looks fly. Roomy: Also kind of looks like Nelly Furtado. A couple of weird parts, but I liked it overall.

Paula likes her, Simon’s hesitant, and Randy-dawg thought it was hawt, so does Kara.

Alicia and Nelly == felicia

Roomy: She’s good, had a good voice. I just think it’s hard to sing such a well known song, especially Alicia Keys when that’s not your genre. But she’s charming, she has a nice smile/body/hair.

Nathaniel Marshall
This guy is drama. If you need to tell people you’re not dramatic, odds are you’re REALLY dramatic. Not just a little dramatic, but like crying-at-hallmark-cards-in-the-card-aisle-at-Target, dramatic. The song reminds me of some performances I heard at karaoke the other week. Simon captured it, “bearing on the verge of unbearable.”

Randy wants to know what kind of record Nathaniel will make, I’ll show you:

Oh and Kara is echoing my karaoke opinion…

Roomy: *scratches chin*….*silence*….*sigh*…I agree with Kara, i’d want to go Karaoke with him but I don’t think he can ever be taken seriously as a singer.

Kristen McNamara
Love the song, but I think it might be too low of a range for Kristen. She’s pretty good still, and I like her enough, but something’s just not right. I keep thinking . . . awkwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

Snap, Simon’s on my side.

Roomy: Ehhhhhm. I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s the way she looks/smile I just don’t like her. She sang alright, but I just…I don’t know why I don’t like her.

Ju’not Joyner
I heart this guy’s voice. He sounds so much like John Legend (when Ordinary People came out, I listened to it on repeat, without stop). I’m really feeling this rendition of Hey There Delilah. Best performance of the night so far.

Ju’not what? I like him.
And I like this guy:

Roomy: Personally I don’t like his voice, but I think he sang well. I wouldn’t by his cd.

Interesting this is our first major opinion divergence. . . what’s happening to us Roomy???

Arianna Afsar
I.Love.Abba. No joke. From a very young age my parents played me Abba. Abba in hebrew means dad. And I love my dad. All these things mixed together put me in a great mood for Arianna.

Confession: I just want to sing this over her. Get up, rip out my ponytail and SCREAM THIS OUT LOUD.

Dissappointing: please don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Abba AIN’T BROKE. Agree with Simon, it was “dreary.”

Roomy: *laughing in response to my singing* She’s too nervous. She’s only 17. If she would have sung with your *points to me* kind of confidence she would have been perfect.

Abba Ain't Broke

Alex Wagner-Trugman
Shocker–this kid read on the internet that he’s a little bit dorky. I don’t have to read it on the internet, I know I’m dorky. I’m proud ofmy dorky. ALEX SHOULD BE PROUD TOO!

His moves are about as sweet as my dad’s. (My dad excels in Israeli folk dancing, in case you were wondering.)

Onto his singing skill: Hmm…He kind of reminds me of Hanson meets Jason Mraz, and then gets a little carsick. But hey, he had me at dorky so he gets my vote!

Just noticed HE’S WEARING AN MC USCHER T-SHIRT!!!! Give this man a trophy.

Roomy: He’s not got a great voice, but he’s so sincere! He makes me smile.

Taylor Vaifanua
Roomy and I both love Alicia Keys so we wish her luck….

Hmmm she’s very, shake-ity, jittery. Makes me kind of uncomfortable watching her. However I am fascinated by her leggings. Are those made of latex???? Her singing so far is pretty good–better than Von, for sure. Loving her ending.

I’m with Simon on not getting the shopping thing…I thought I was watching American Idol.

Roomy: Feel same way as Kara. She could have had more emotion, it’s a very emotional song.

Von Smith

Marvin Gaye? Really? His rendition reminded me of the Gloria Gayner remixes I hear on my workout playlists. I’m not saying I work out or anything, but I do like listening to sweet heart thumping music once in a while. That’s beside the point–All I’m saying is that this song was a horrible choice for this guy. Spiky-gelled-hair, read sneaker, oversized suit…

I can’t believe Randy liked this guy, dawg. And Kara? Man, they’re all taking happy pills or something becuase this is not the idol judging crew I know and love.

LOL – Simon compared him to Clay Aiken, “you look apalling.” burn.

Roomy: I think his suit needs to be a half a size smaller.

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  1. What about the wild card show tonight? I’m not a fan of Von, but I do like Megan Joy Corkery (blonde, tat girl) — she’s cool. Looking forward to more dish on AI and the rest of reality tv (ABDC, what, what?!?).

  2. *sigh* I didn’t watch Idol tonight (or last night)…so I have no snarky commentary to share. Instead, I’m watching Making the Band 😀 loves me some diddy drama.

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