The Real Housewives of NY Reminds Me of My Own Family

I know that The Real Housewives of New York isn’t really meant to touch our hearts, or be anything other than entertainment, but I can’t help but think about my own family when I watch it…well mainly when I’m watching Jill and her mother, Gloria.

Gloria reminds me so much of my own Grandmas (Z”L), and Jill of my own mother, that it’s scary. It’s just a clear sign that these generations of people shared such common history, they can’t also help but share similar outlooks on life.

Gloria said, “I turn around and it’s Passover and I turn around and it’s Yom Kippur…” to give this line some context, these are two Jewish holidays in different seasons (Yom Kippur is in the fall, and Passover is in the spring) meant to signify the fleeting nature of life. She wanted to convey to Jill’s friend Bethenny that she shouldn’t get so lost in her work that she forget herself and her personal needs. Gloria’s ability to analyze Bethenny in 5 minutes, and decide that she wanted to “adopt” her into the family, is really what put me over the edge…got me a little faklempt.

While I may not be the biggest fan of everyone in the show, I can honestly say that I do have a connection with Jill and her family because aside from the bling and the houses on the upper east side and the Hamptons, we really do have a lot in common.

Even on down to the part where Gloria said she was allergic to 14k gold, because, no joke, my mom has said “if it’s not real gold, it gives me hives.”

love you ima 🙂


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