American Idol, Live and In Color_ep.01

In the interest of time, I’m gonna give the recap as I watch the performances…

UPDATE: dude, Idol…Fix your audio issues during the interviews. I know it’s TAT but don’t let that affect the quality of showmanship.

UPDATE 2: Video issues? Is this your first season? Someone’s getting fired.

Jackie Tone

Get.over.yourself.  it’s like the Jackie show, starring Jackie, guest starring Jackie with cameo by Jackie. But not in a good way. In a, when is this gonna end kind of way.  In a, are those the pants Sandra Dee wore at the end of Grease kind of way.

My roommate’s take: “She makes me uncomfortable.”

That’s right roomy.   Her song…well I mean, it’s like what I’d expect to see at a dive bar in Vegas. Off the strip, of course.  She’s a great performer (if you’re into that kind of thing) but I don’t think she’s a pop-idol.  I’d want to see her at a piano bar or something, telling jokes, smoking a long cigarette, saying “Who loves ya baby.”

Oh, and did anyone else notice her throw Jennifer Hudson under the bus? Poor form.

Ricky Braddy

He’s a good singer, but…I guess he didn’t really evoke any gut reactions for me. I’m neither here nor there.

Roomy thoughts: “I’m not focused on him. Eh, I dunno, maybe he’ll make it to the next round but definitely not an American Idol.”

Well put, roomy. Well put.

Alexis Grace

Her daughter is so cute I want to eat her up with a spoon!!! But that’s not what we’re about here on on Tuesday nights, is it? No.

This little hot mama (emphasis on the little, and on the hot momma). It’s like…how does all that soul fit into that tiny little body? I agree with my dawg, Randy Johnson, “You werked it out, dawg!”  She’s so very speak-easy, smokey lounge-y, and I’m luvin on her. Oh snap, Cowell just called her a “dark horse” and compared her to Miss Kelly Clarkson! ‘uge.

Roomy feedback:  Pretty good.

hmm, tough critic.

Brent Keith

Country singer with a dimple. He was nervous, it hurt his performance.  But, he”s handsome so he’ll probably make it through anyway. As Simon said, “fahgehtabull”

Roomy feedbcak: Dunno, I’m not into country music. It was solid though.


Eek, I think we all know how that went.  As my roomy said, “ooh, bad.”  During the interview I liked her more. So sweet! Nice girl.

Anoop Desai

I’m so confused when I watch Anup singing Monica. Right?  He has a really sweet voice though, I just think he needs to work on finding his schtick. And, has there ever been an idol to respond with “If I may…” to provide his defense.  It made Simon say he has “massive likeability.”

Roomy take: He’s humble.  It wasn’t that great but he’s very likeable.

Casey Carlson

Roomy: “Bubble TEA!? Who says Bubble tea! BOBA!”

Oh, off on the wrong foot with Roomy. Now she’s singing and I’m thinking…WRONG SONG CHOICE!!! The performance reminded me of drinking a can of diet coke 8 hours after opening it. On a warm day.

Roomy: She did worse than the young girl. Maybe not technically, but she’s trying so hard…and it’s so bad.

Michael Sarver

I like this guy. If he does make it big, it’s a great rags to riches story. “Yeah, before I was riding in limos, I was working oil rigs.”  Not his best work, but I don’t care. I like him (and his super cute lady!). I want to go grab a coors with them.

Roomy:  Too small of a voice for such a big guy.


Ann Marie Boskovich

She’s a good singer, and I think at the end of the song she really let loose. It’s sort of a sexy song, and I think she doesn’t know how to tap into that.  Eek, weird comment from Ann Marie with the “something that’s not as good”.

Roomy clarifies: It’s awkward because Kara co-wrote that song with the singer.


Steven Fowler

To me, a man who chooses Michael Jackson is the equivalent of a female  picking Whitney Houston.  Those are some seriously big sequined loafers to fill.  This sucked, no dancing, no personality and it was…Pitchy dawg. I’d venture to say, that he’s getting the boot.

Roomy: Boring.

Tatiana Del Toro

Roomy and Shanee: She’s crazy. She shouldn’t be on this show.

I CALLED IT. Dude, you do not pick Whitney unless you’re Whitney and she’s not Whitney.  She and Steven should go think about their bad decisions together.

*record scratch* shocker of the year, she’s being normal. Her normalcy is making me nervous. Oh wait, there are the moments of crazy…makes me even more nervous. Gracias.

Danny.How Can You Not Love Him.Gokey

*Chills* Then came more *chills* then a *swoon* then some *tears* then *chills* again.

Verse two begins…the hairs on my arm can’t stand up any straighter.  He’s like Michael Jordan at a YMCA Basketball game–BLOWING IT OUT OF THE WATER.  Just give him that damn record contract already, people. Simon may not be buying the hype, but I’m selling it 2 for 1 so get it while it’s HAWT.

Roomy: *claps* best of the night, for sure. Good pick, Shanee.

Thank you Roomy.  Thank you…*sigh* Danny.

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