What can I write about? TV. Lots of it.

Seriously, I’ve been trying to think of something to write about other than TV. … but I just have so much to SAY about it.

I could write about social media, but I do that at work…so think I’ll save those posts for special occasions.

Soccer…is pretty cut and dry. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. (hopefully more of the former)

Friends…are awesome, but I try to respect their privacy. Same goes for family.

Travel…well ya know, TAT is in full effect, so my outings have been limited.

This leaves good ole television. Thanks to my DVR and a love for quality to crappy entertainment, I have plenty of options from which to choose. So there you have it, expect this to be a repository of A LOT of television feedback on such tv greats as:
– Heroes
– Brothers and Sisters
– Desperate Housewives
– Kath & Kim
-The Office
– 30 Rock
– House
– Family Guy
– Gossip Girl
– Grey’s Anatomy
– The Real World
– Rock of Love Bus
and more… (I watch a lot of TV)

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