Gossip Girl: Serena and Dan Break Up…But WAIT!

How many times can these two pretty-young-things get together and break up? I mean, I’m not saying this show is the example of realism. But, come on…it’s like 90210 territory now, or even Melrose place. All they’re missing are some slaps and screams and a communal pool to fall into.

And the teacher who was supposedly having an affair with Dan Humphrey, she looks younger than Serena!

Speaking of Serena, how does she keep her hair so perfect with all that drama.

This car accident of a show is like TV heroin, and yes I’m addicted. It’s hard to admit that, considering the fact that I’m a well-educated young woman, with a “grown-up” job.


HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE, the plot just changed

Dan + Teacher Lady = CONSPIRACY!

Yeup, I’m hooked I’m not ready to let go. This is great drivel.

“What goes around, comes around.
XOXO, Gossip Girl”

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