Times Get Tougher

In a really short time period, things have gone from bad to worse. TAT is in full effect. Unless you live under a rock, or have some kind of aversion to reading/watching/hearing the news, then you know that there have been over 130,000 layoffs in the past 2 days. 130k!!!

According to International Herald Tribune:

On Wednesday, the tally of U.S. layoffs in December was to be released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Already, the bureau says, the U.S. economy has shed at least 2.55 million jobs since the recession began, pushing the U.S. unemployment rate to 7.2 percent last month.

It’s a pretty depressing and bleak number to wrap my head around, and it just keeps getting bigger. My roomy works for Bank of America, the bank “best” off since the mortgage crises, and her stories of daily layoffs/policy changes are heart-breaking. Imagine getting laid off weeks before you’re about to retire, after decades of service….unbelievable really.

I have to admit that I was riding a high, almost drug-like, euphoria living and working in the silicon valley. Now we’re all getting hit with an ice cold bucket of reality. I’m pretty scared to see how things turn out for all the people to whom I’m close–but, for now, I’ll dare to hope for the best.

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