Weekend Recap: BSG and Soccer

Ok, I’ll start with the good news:

Won both my outdoor soccer game on Friday, and indoor game on Sunday. Hopefully this is a sign of the season to come (last season was not so hot for both teams 😉

The bad news:

Why do the creators of Battlestar Galactica hate their fans? It’s like they started out the season with a huge bang and then just fell flat with the 2nd episode. This was one of those episodes that serves no other purpose than to fill time until the next major plotline reveal. There are only 9 episodes left, guys!!! Show us some mercy, and make ALL of them count.

Now I must sign off to go prepare for work on Monday.

Gossip Girl
(Just kidding. But yes, I do watch that show too.)

One thought on “Weekend Recap: BSG and Soccer

  1. My understanding is that the first episode of the season was written directly before the writers’ strike, so there was some uncertainty in both the writers and actors as to whether or not it would be the last episode of BSG ever. As such, they worked their hearts out.

    I guess when they came back they didn’t feel the same motivation :-p.

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