What the Frack D? Starbuck? Ellen?

Why Dee? WHY!!!!

I’ll keep the rest of this short, because if I think too hard about BSG it gives me nosebleeds.

Here’s my quick and dirty prediction on the last cylon–I just wasn’t sure if they said with certainty that Ellen was it (how else would Starbuck have found her dead self and ship!).

Who’s the final cylon?

I think there’s a twist: It’s Ellen AND Starbuck AND everyone. I think all the humans are descendants of the cylons that were on earth. Could be wrong, but I mean how else are there TWO more cylons?

I’m super excited to watch tomorrow night…and sad that I have to wait until after I play soccer.

2 thoughts on “What the Frack D? Starbuck? Ellen?

  1. Shanee,
    I had the same thought — but then what about the inability of Cylons to reproduce unless it was with a human and they were in love? EH? There must be some difference, which means there must be some other explanation, but thus far I am unsatisfied.

  2. Damn Grace, you’re RIGHT. I totally forgot about that. *sigh* back to the drawing board. Hopefully some questions will be answered tonight!

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