Britney Spears Looking For Social Media Help

Calling all Harvard grads with a penchant for Brit Brit AND social media!!! The Queen of Pop is on the prowl for someone to help improve her online persona.

Britney Spears Job Posting

You may have heard about BS’ recent Twitter account hacking. Actually, more than a few famous folks in the Twittersphere were targeted in that attack, but Britney seems to be the only person learning from her experience. Score one for Britney’s camp, zero for Rick Sanchez.

Joking aside, it’s actually pretty interesting to see how important managing one’s online identity has become, even to the most famous Pop Divas. These are people who a few years ago could have cared less about what was going on in Facebook or MySpace, and would instead be concentrated solely on big fish like Rolling Stone, Elle, and MTV. Well, the times, as they say, are a-changin,’ you would be remiss to neglect user-generated-buzz online, when looking to improve the public’s perceptions. Especially the “young” public. We live online.

What’s even more interesting, is the realization that a new and specific skillset is necessary to effectively manage online presence, beyond traditional Public Relations.

So, good luck to Ms. Spears and Team! Hopefully they’ll be able to find the best “Britney Spears 2.0 Media Manager” money can buy: A Harvard grad who loves pop music and lives for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Viddler, Twitter, Digg, StubleUpon, Delicious…etc., etc…piece of cake…

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