How to Model Your Recruitment Marketing after Customer Marketing

Recruitment marketing is a lot like customer marketing – in fact it’s almost identical. So I’ve created this handy visual to show you what the recruitment marketing funnel looks like, and laid out a bevvy of suggested tactics you can use as  demand, awareness and decision drivers for your employer brand. Watch out pipeline, here you come.

Shanee BenZur Recruitment Marketing Funnel

Recruitment Marketing Funnel

Now that you have the visual…let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

How do you drive awareness, interest and action? Continue reading

Making the Jump From Social Media to Employer Brand Marketing

In a past life, I was a social media manager for NVIDIA, creating marketing plans that raised awareness for products.

Today, I am a marketing and social media manager for, creating marketing plans that raise awareness for our employer brand (#dreamjob).

Initially, I thought this would be a big leap, but I’m beginning to see that there are many parallels between product and employer marketing. Continue reading

Location Based Marketing: Death or Evolution?

Just read an article on Social Media Today  about the slow death of location based social media marketing. While I’m not sure if it’s headed for extinction, I do think there’s evolution.

The usual life cycle of hot technologies and marketing approaches is:

  1. New cutting edge idea
  2. One or two experts corner the market
  3. A big guy comes in, buys niche expert or recreates tech on their own

Looks like the same has happened for location based marketing. Why do I need to use FourSquare when I can check in with Facebook or Yelp? Facebook and Yelp both have core offerings that are more useful to me than location based services alone. Continue reading

How to Create and Protect Your Online Brand

Tonight, I’ll be joining a panel of some very smart folks to discuss how to create and protect your online brand. Big thanks to the Jewish Federation for setting up the event, and allowing me to take part.

Before I join the panelists, I thought I’d share some of my ideas on the subject, and hopefully by writing about them here, make my verbal presentation that much sharper :) I’ll let you know how that goes.

Let’s start with how to build your online brand: Continue reading